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Advanced AcousticWerkes (AAW) is a Singapore based electric-acoustic company specialised in in-ear monitoring technology. AAW is recognised by the audiophile and professional community for our exquisite hybrid drive technology and bespoke custom in-ear monitor products, during which course we have successfully attracted a diverse clientele consists of pro-musicians, audio engineers as well as serious audiophiles. We have accumulated vast experience and expertise in sound engineering and human ergonomics by working closely with several otolaryngologists as well as professional musicians.

Now we have also applied our knowledge in developing the best in-ear monitors available today. Investments have been made to build a dedicated production facility for our universal range so that we have absolute control in quality assurance and engineering precision.

We surely hope the AAW products will deliver an unforgettable experience for your listening pleasure and we shall remain committed to develop more exciting audio products for the years to come.

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