iFi Audio Nano iOne DAC & Bluetooth Receiver

iFi Audio Nano iOne DAC & Bluetooth Receiver


8,990 ฿

รหัสสินค้า: IFI-IONE

Dac-Amp ดีไซน์สวย ผลิตจากอลูมิเนียม แข็งแรง ฟังก์ชั่นครบ รองรับระบบเสียง Hi-Res และ Apt-x เสียงกลางชัดเจน เบสแน่น ลงลึก




The ‘Hub DAC’ at the centre of the home audio.


• Bluetooth*, S/PDIF, USB input (*aptX & AAC CD-like quality)

• Galvanically-isolated S/PDIF Output with dedicated re-clocker/line driver

• ANC® noise suppression system for the power supply (conveniently drawn from USB)

• GMT® Femto precision clock system

• Asyncronous USB audio system with Zero Jitter® Memory Buffer

• Zero Jitter® Memory Buffer technology for S/PDIF & Bluetooth



The iOne is a DAC for the modern home. It is so named because it combines many different digital audio devices and input options in ONE complete unit. With Bluetooth, S/PDIF or USB inputs, it upgrades the listening experience with smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, gaming consoles, media streamers and more.

The iOne is neither a one-trick pony nor is it a jack-of-all-trades. It is simply incredibly versatile and offers cutting-edge technology, with each function designed and implemented with as much care and dedication as they would receive in a single function device from iFi audio.



Galvanically-isolated S/PDIF input with FET High Definition (FHD) circuitry

• Advanced custom Bluetooth 5.0 wireless audio system

• AAC codec allows direct Bluetooth wireless audio streaming from iTunes & Apple Music

in native quality

• aptX codec allows CD quality Bluetooth wireless audio streaming from suitably equipped

Android devices, PCs and Mac computers

• Advanced minimum phase (Bezier) ‘Listen’ digital filter optimised for sound quality and

alternatively selectable ‘Measure’ standard FIR phase-linear digital filter

• Direct-Coupled analogue outputs via RCA



Power Source:

USB Bus power, embedded AMR Active Noise Cancellation® technology


44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz PCM

2.8/3.1/5.6/6.2/11.2/12.4MHz DSD

352/384kHz DXD

DAC System:

Bit-Perfect DSD & DXD DAC by Burr Brown

(1-DAC Chip; 2-Channel; 4-Signals)



Measure/Listen digital (selectable)


Measure/Listen analogue (selectable)


Bit-Perfect Processing, fixed filter


USB 3.0 compatible with USB 2.0, Bluetooth (TM)

with aptX & AAC support Codec, S/PDIF RCA &

Optical Combo


Coaxial S/PDIF for USB/Bluetooth (PCM up to192kHz)

Audio RCA L/R

Frequency Response:

20Hz – 20kHz <+0/-0.5dB (44.1kHz SR, Measure Filter)

1Hz – 44khz <+0/-3.0dB (>= 88.2kHz SR, Measure Filter)

Output Voltage @ 0dBFS:

2.05V (+/-0.05V)

Dynamic Range:

109dB (A)

Signal/Noise ratio:

109dB (A) @ 0dBFS

THD & N @ 0dBFS:

< 0.0015% 10k Load

Output Impedance:

< 50Ω

Power Consumption:

< 2.5W


100 (l) x 64 (w) x 25.5 (h) mm


122g (0.27lbs)



10-30 วัน



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