HiBy R6 Pro-DAP Hi-Res ระบบแอนดรอยด์

HiBy R6 Pro-DAP Hi-Res ระบบแอนดรอยด์


29,990 ฿

รหัสสินค้า: hiby-r6-pro
  • DAP พกพา บนระบบAndroid คุณภาพสุดเจ๋ง ดีไซน์เนี๊ยบ
  • รองรับ Bluetooth , DSD , เมนูไทย ภาษาไทย
  • หน้าจอสัมผัส Multitouch ขนาด 4.2″ , 300 dpi ชัดใส 16.8 ล้านสี
  • DAC ภายใน Dual ESS ES9028Q2M DACs
  • ชิปประมวลผล Snapdragon 425 Processor/3GB RAM
  • ตัวเครื่อง Arc-shaped 316L , High-impact Stainless Steel CNC Body
  • รองรับช่องหูฟังแบบ Balanced 4.4 mm


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Hiby R6 Pro
MUSIC PLAYER With 4.4 Balance Output


Sharp 4.2″ high resolution IPS screen

A sleek and easy-to-grab design demonstrates the world-class craftsmanship with a Sharp 4.2″ high resolution IPS screen.

MUSES8920 as I/V

R6 Pro leverages four low-pass filter chips MUSES8920, two low-phase-noise, high-precision active crystal oscillators for a superior high-definition sound. Empowered by Panasonic Polymer Capacitor with Low-ESR and Elna SILMIC audio grade capacitors.

Japanese NIPPON DICS 4.4 Balance Base

With larger physical space, the 4.4 balanced base equipped in HiBy R6 Pro boosts the level of reliability and immunity. The 4.4 balanced base created by Japan NIPPON DICS delivers flawless performance in connection to revolutionize a plug and jack set for headphone


Enjoy truly authentic Hi-Res Audio in a compact body, the HiBy R6 Pro is designed for master-level sound quality and the utmost sonic purity.

MSEB Tuner

Straightforward and easy to use, everyone can be a tuning expert. MSEB is a combination of multiple algorithms based on parametric equalizer (PEQ) and sound field adjustments to attune to your preferences.

HiBy Link

Control and manage your music files wirelessly with your mobile phone. With the Hiby Link, you can also play the Hi-Res music stored on the R6 wirelessly right on your smartphone.

Full Support for HD Bluetooth Format

The HiBy R6 Pro not only supports most Hi-Res lossless formats such as aptX, aptX HD, LDAC, HWA, but also FLAC, WMA, WAV, Apple, LOSSLESS, DSF, and DSDIFF. Native support for DSD 128/256, PCM up to 384Khz/32bit, ISO DSD. It delivers the best dynamic audio and showcases each note

*The HWA Bluetooth format is only available through the HiBy Music app.

2.4G/5G Dual-band WiFi

Incorporating an advanced dual-band 2.4G/5G WiFi, the HiBy R6 Pro allows you to enjoy your favorite music and games via your favorite Android streaming apps, such as Spotify, Tidal’s online music library, and Deezer. Thanks to it innovative DTA architecture, the R6 Pro has unprecedented fluidity thanks to the powerful Snapdragon SoC and fidelity for Android.

HiBy OS Enters the Android Oreo Era

Thanks to the latest Android 8.1 update, its intelligent audio system can better offer a smoother and comfortable HiFi music experience. Its DTA Android global lossless output technology ensures that sound output and reception can no longer be interfered with.

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