Bragi The Headphone หูฟังไร้สาย True Wireless


6,990 ฿


หูฟังไร้สายระบบ True Wireless แยกชิ้นอิสระ รูปทรง 3D เข้าแนบชิดสนิทหู กันน้ำกันเหงื่อ ใช้ออกกำลังกายได้อย่างดี ใช้งานได้ 6 ชั่วโมง


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No wires.
No boundaries.

Connect The Headphone to any Bluetooth® device for crystal clear stereo sound and hands free communication, all without the hassle of wires.

Amazing sound
Anywhere you want

With Knowles® Balanced Armature Speakers, The Headphone delivers a rich, dynamic stereo experience anywhere, anytime.

It’s your life.
Control your music.

Switch between tracks, take phone calls, activate Audio Transparency and deliver voice commands, all without having to look at a smartphone.

  • Button Press Icon Bragi The Headphone
    1 x Press  –  Play / Pause / Accept a call
  • Button Press Icon Bragi The Headphone
    2 x Press  –  Next Song
  • Button Press Icon Bragi The Headphone
    3 x Press  –  Previous Song
  • Volume Up Button Press Icon Bragi The Headphone
    1 x Press  –  Volume Up
  • Volume Up Button Hold Icon Bragi The Headphone
    Hold  –  Audio Transparency ON
  • Volume Down Button Press Icon Bragi The Headphone
    1 x Press  –  Volume Down
  • Volume Down Button Hold Icon Bragi The Headphone
    Hold  –  Audio Transparency OFF

Silence the world.
Or let it all in.

Be with yourself, or with your surroundings. It’s all just a fingertip away.

Designed to live in your ear

Three different FitTip sizes mean a comfortable,
secure fit without having to make adjustments.

Up to  6 h

The beat goes on and on and on…
Take your music on an adventure. With up to 6 hours of wireless play time per charge, The Headphone can last a full day.

Get connected.
Stay connected.

No need to worry about windy days and heavy traffic. With VersantTM advanced voice technology from Knowles, hold hands-free phone conversations even in the most challenging conditions.

Technical Specifications

100% Wireless Audio

Knowles® Balanced Armature Speakers with A2DP profile, AAC and SBC audio codec

Supports any Bluetooth A2DP compatible device

Frequency range:
20 – 20.000Hz


Left and Right high quality balanced armature speakers

Connect to an External Device

Connect to a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Bluetooth & Connectivity

Bluetooth 4.0

Audio compatible with classic Bluetooth devices (any Bluetooth A2DP compatible device)

Audio Transparency

Audio transparency feature allowing access to the ambient environmental sound.


Three FitTips ensure a comfortable fit no matter the ear size. (S, M, L)


Playtime: Up to 6 hours
Standby time: 250 hours
Charging time: less than 2 hours
100mAh Lithium polymer battery


Knowles® digital MEMS microphones with custom mechanical tuning. Left and right external auditory microphones and EarBone microphone.

Passive Noise Isolation

Passive bilateral noise isolation



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