AAW Mockingbird หูฟังอินเอียร์ Universal In-Ear แบบ Reference

AAW Mockingbird หูฟังอินเอียร์ Universal In-Ear แบบ Reference

สินค้าสั่งจอง จัดส่งภายใน 5-10 วัน

52,900 ฿

รหัสสินค้า: AAW-MCKB-UIEM
  • 9 มม. ไดร์เวอร์แบบไดนามิกไดร์เวอร์ Balanced Armature +8
  • TruXross ครอสโอเวอร์ 4 ทาง
  • ซับเบสที่เป็นธรรมชาติอันทรงพลัง

สินค้าสั่งจอง จัดส่งภายใน 5-10 วัน

ผ่อน 0% ได้นานสูงสุด 10 เดือน

รับ 2,116 พอยท์ เมื่อซื้อสินค้านี้
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9 Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitor

9 mm. Dynamic Driver +8 Balanced Armature Driver

Successor to the acclaimed W900, Mockingbird is at the summit of our ideology of fusing the best traits out of dynamic and balanced armature drivers. Instead of creating high order RC crossover network, which usually causes chaotic phase shift and scrambled arrival timing, AAW uses a complete new approach called TrueXross™ to solve the classic coherence issue in hybrid earphones. The dynamic driver is proprietary tuned diaphragm wise and by further utilizing a physical low pass filter, it is to only function in minimal overlapping frequency range as opposed to the balanced armature driver. Coupled with delicate positional arrangement and front acoustic chamber design, AAW is able to achieve improved coherence, minimized phase shift and optimized arrival timing of music signal.

True reference

Mockingbird is designed to be true reference equipment, it offers powerful yet natural sub bass which you will never find in a full balanced armature CIEM. The 4 way crossover network configures dedicated woofer, mid, treble and super tweeters. Inherited AAW’s highly praised musical imaging, instrument separation and realistic sound stage, Mockingbird steps up the game by offering extended treble and superior detail retrieval. The end result being a high-end speaker like performance condensed in a tiny footprint of CIEM.

AAW worked with the best balanced armature maker in the world to develop the bespoke super tweeter drivers used in Mockingbird. It ensures non-compromising sound pressure all the way up to 20kHz and further extends to 40kHz.

Suitable for stage performers, recording studio, audio engineers and the most critical audiophiles.


  • Vocal
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drum
  • Engineer
  • Audiophile
  • 48″ Symphonym Tiburon Cable
  • Wooden AAW Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Flight & 1/4″ adapter
  • Assorted Ear Tips
  • 1 Years Limited Warranty



5-10 วัน



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