AAW Nebula One หูฟังอินเอียร์ Universal In-ear [BALANCE version]

AAW Nebula One หูฟังอินเอียร์ Universal In-ear [BALANCE version]

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2,990 ฿

รหัสสินค้า: AAW-N1-BAL

AAW Nebula One UIEM [BALANCE version] ด้วยความสามารถครบเครื่องและ Titanium Diaphragm 10mm ไดรเวอร์พิเศษที่พัฒนาโดย AAW ทำให้เป็น IEM อีกตัวที่น่าสนใจ

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หมวดหมู่: , แบรนด์: รับประกัน: 7 วัน โดย JABEN (เช็คการรับประกัน)

AAW Nebula One UIEM [BALANCE version]

Dynamic Micro Transducer

The AAW in-house developed 10mm ultra-thin layer titanium diaphragm with neodymium magnet delivers a wide and acute frequency response from 10Hz to 23000Hz, while maintaining a staggering low harmonic distortion across the range. It offers rich and organic presentation of audio playback and excellent resolution over a wide and spatial sound stage.

Acoustic Structure

Methodically designed enclosure is derived from beehive structure with numerous holding structure surrounding the main driver mount. The cell structure coupled with rigid enclosure material result in an optimum resonance free chamber for the moving diaphragm. The fore chamber and rear chamber are individually dampened and pressure balanced to create the most natural bass response with impactful hits.


The form-able cable and over-the-ear configuration keep a secure fit and minimum cable tangling. The overall shape of the earphones underwent rounds of ergonomic engineering testing to ensure a secure and comfort fit for prolonged usage. Precision angled sound bore gives a low profile outlook when worn by user.


Nebula One’s cable is built to perform, featuring OFC multi-stranded wiring core in Type 2 Litz construction. It is of excellent conductivity property and offer very low impedance to ensure obstruction free transportation of the music signal. Reinforced by Kevlar fiber in the conductor core, the cable is tensile and very flexible, it is microphonic resistant and durable for extended usage. The cable is insulated in TPE material, which is tested to be absolutely hazardous material free and environmental friendly during production.


The microphone enabled remote has dual mode and auto detection functionality, it has full function support for both Android and Apple devices*.

Nebula One comes with a practical carrying casing giving maximum protection when storing and traveling with your earphones. The vast selection of ear tips means secure and tight seal for all users.

*Works with mainstream Android models only, such as majority of Samsung, LG and Xiaomi models

AAW Nebula One UIEM [BALANCE version] AAW Nebula One UIEM [BALANCE version]

            Earphone configuration:
  • Proprietary titanium plated microdriver
  • Frequency Range: 10Hz-23000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 100db SPL @ 1mW
  • Input Power: 3mW
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Android/Apple dual mode inline remote control
           Package includes:
  • Nebula One earphone
  • Earphone sleeve: Flex 3 pairs, Ultra-Flex 3 pairs
  • AAW carrying pouch
  • Flight adaptor
  • 1/4 inch adaptor
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

AAW Nebula One UIEM [BALANCE version] AAW Nebula One UIEM [BALANCE version]

AAW Nebula One UIEM [BALANCE version]



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