Final Audio Design Heaven II หูฟังอินเอียร์คุณภาพสูงระดับพรีเมี่ยม

Final Audio Design Heaven II หูฟังอินเอียร์คุณภาพสูงระดับพรีเมี่ยม


1,795 ฿

  • BAM mechanism ที่ให้ย่านเสียงต่ที่ลงลึก และมีความกว้างเวทีเสียงในแบบสเตอริโอ
  • Driver รุ่นใหม่ตัวที่ทางผู้ผลิตพัฒนามาเพื่อความสมดุลของเสียง
  • Filter กรองที่ปรับสมดุลของเสียงก่อนส่งถึงหูของคุณ
  • บอดี้ทำจาก Stainless Steel ที่กลึงมาอย่างดี มีความแข็งแกร่ง
  • ทำในประเทศเยอรมัน
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Heaven II

Delivers three-dimensional spatial representation. Comprehensively reproduces the atmosphere of live music.
Equipped with the new model BA we developed ourselves, this product delivers a stereo spatial interpretation. The housing employs stainless steel. Fully duplicates the atmosphere of a live concert venue with it’s fast-paced sound.

An original balanced armature driver unit developed by us in-house

In collaboration with Molex Japan, final audio developed and manufactured a new balanced armature driver unit. In the pursuit of sound quality, we focused our attention on the choice of materials used with this driver unit, using a permalloy with high magnetic permeability for the magnetic circuit.

Highly rigid machined stainless steel housing

The housing, which has been machined from stainless steel, appears simple at first. But the inside has been precision machined. To achieve the new BAM mechanism, it was necessary that the precision with which the housing was machined be higher than usual. This paid off; it was possible to make the internal structure simpler than it was previously, and the effect of the new BAM has been shown across all bands.

Original ear pieces available in five sizes

Three types of ear pieces come with the product. The new E type employs two types of silicon differing in hardness for the sound conduit section and the section that comes into contact with the user’s ear. Compared to the section that comes into contact with the user’s ear, the sound conduit section utilizes a harder silicon with grooves in it, so as to combine strength with flexibility. Can be fitted into the user’s ear while maintaining its round shape. For the section that comes into contact with the user’s ear, soft silicon has been employed, making for a comfortable fit and a high level of sound insulation. Joining the E type and the five sizes it comes in SS/S/M/L/LL are the A type and the B type, which differ in terms of how airtight they are and in terms of bass reproduction (come in three sizes). Please choose the size and type that is right for you.

An original cable that suppresses touch noise

Compared to previous cables, this is more flexible. An original, flexible cable that suppresses touch noise.

Color variation

BLUE GRAY, BLACK, two color variations

น้ำหนัก 0.226796185 กก.




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