FitEar EST Universal-Hybrid type Universal In-Ear Monitors

FitEar EST Universal-Hybrid type Universal In-Ear Monitors


49,900 ฿

รหัสสินค้า: FITEAR-EST-U
  • หูฟัง UIEM ระบบ hybrid ระหว่าง Balanced Armature และ Electrostatic ตัวแรกของโลก
  • ใช้งานง่าย ไม่ต้องแปลงวงจรไฟเพิ่ม
  • สะดวกสบายสำหรับ Mobile User ไม่ต้องเสริมแอมพ์
  • ให้เสียงกว้าง stage จัดใหญ่ ความนุ่มนวลแบบทิ้งห่าง


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FitEar EST Universal-Hybrid type Universal In-Ear Monitors

EST = Electrostatic Tweeter

FitEar EST is a hybrid type earphone combining balanced armature type and electrostatic type, two kinds of drivers. Apply an electrostatic tweeter unit in a form such that the balanced armature type is in the full range, and the middle to the high region are placed there. With the setting that takes advantage of the peakless, electrostatic type driver that is rich in linearity, we realized a flat and smooth sound that has never existed.

Electrostatic tweeter unit not requiring external driver unit

Since the electrostatic driver requires a high voltage for its driving, an external driver unit is required, but FitEar EST adopts a revolutionary electrostatic tweeter unit combined with a compact step-up transformer. You can connect directly to the player you normally use without using an external driver unit.

Evolved oval horn stem

Oval horn stem introduced at “FitEar Universal” is designed to achieve excellent shielding and sound quality balance by oval cross section suppressing interference to the ear canal and horn shape sound port suppressing high frequency attenuation . FitEar EST Universal adopts a newly designed stem that adapted this idea of ​​oval horn system to hybrid type unit configuration. Even with long-term use, it gave a stable feeling of fit and high sound insulation that was not fatigued.

See full review : FitEar EST Universal “Hybrid Earphone with Electrostatic Tweeter”


Driver configuration : Hybrid type
configuration with balanced armature type driver and electrostatic tweeter unit Unpublished
Cable : FitEar cable 006 (3.5 mm stereo mini plug)
Price : Open price

  • Pelican Hard Case (Black)
  • Mesh type soft case
  • Cable clip
  • Replacement ear tip
  • Cleaning brush



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