Saramonic SmartRig II Audio Adapter with Sound Level Control for iPhone

Saramonic SmartRig II Audio Adapter with Sound Level Control for iPhone

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Saramonic SmartRig II เป็น Audio Adapter สำหรับต่อเข้ากับสมาร์ทโฟนระบบ iOS ใช้งานได้ดี ขนาดเล็ก สะดวกพกพา

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The SmartRig II from Saramonic is an easy solution to connect any XLR microphone or 6.3mm guitar to your iPhone 8 8 plus 7 7 plus 6, iPod touch, or iPad and Android devices.

As a high-quality microphone preamp,SmartRig allows you to use professional stage microphones, 6.3mm guitar or high-end studio microphones to create music with you IOS.

Simply plug the microphones into the standard XLR connector of SmartRig and connect in to your device with the 3.5mm output cable.

The provided gain control thumbwheel is easy to set precise levels.Processed sound can be monitored through a 3.5mm headphone out.





·Dual inputs: XLR microphone input connector and 6.3mm Guitar interface

·3.5mm headphone output for monitoring

·+48V/OFF/ON switch

·Gain control

·Power/Phantom power provided by 9V battery

·Includes free app



Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz(+/-1.5dB)

Noise: -98 dB full band,phantom power ON

Maximum output level: 2 Vrms

Distortion: 0.025% THD

Phantom max current: 13Ma

Dimensions: L 88 x W 41 x H 42 mm

Weight: 75g(2.57oz.)




Compatible with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and Android devices. Any type of microphones: Dynamic, Ribbon, or Condenser

Packing List

Saramonic Smartrig II Unit*1

User Manual*1

Warranty Card*1


1-3 วัน



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